DOGMA10 is a company based in France, offering services in web development, teaching and project management.

What we do

From internal business tools to consumer products, if you have an app idea, we can bring it to life. We specialize in PHP (Laravel) and Javascript (Vue), but if you're working with different technology, we can probably pick it up.

We will develop and deliver your website and web tools. Create and design customized backend services, focusing on the essential and necessary features. Design and develop specialized API.

Provide professional consultation for all technical issues. Evaluate and report on development complexities. Review and recommend how best to minimise implementation timelines.

Specific web development

With more than a decade of web development expertise, our web development services bring easy-to-maintain, fast, and accessible websites to anyone.

We center performance, accessibility, user's privacy and simplicity in our approach to web development. We make user-friendly websites that load quickly and can be used by anyone.

By optimizing site performance, we can deliver superior user experiences, reduce visitor frustration and boost conversions. Our accessible solutions make your site more inclusive, expanding your audience.

By prioritizing these core values, we can create for you a high-quality, low-maintenance, user-friendly website that drives results.

Simplicity Rules

The modern web is complicated, but it doesn't need to be. By leaning into simplicity and progressive enhancement, we produce low-maintenance websites that reach as many people as possible. Our focus is on making websites that perform well and provide seamless user experiences.

With a focus on simplicity, speed, and accessibility, we believe a better web can be built. A web that puts people first. It's with this perspective that we are offering custom web development services.